Summer Conference

» Summer Conference Post Code CF24 4GG - also to help you find us see location map » Monday 27 July to Friday 31 July 2015 » am services - supervised creche with video relay » pm services - creche for parents with video relay » videos of 2014 services on youtube » 

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Summer Conference

Monday to Friday
27 - 31 July 2015

gerald bilkes

7.30pm - John Saunders

9.30am - Prayer Meeting
10.30am - Gerald Bilkes
7.30pm - Malcolm Watts

9.30am - Prayer Meeting
10.30am - Malcolm Watts
7.30pm - Gerald Bilkes

9.30am - Prayer Meeting
10.30am - Gerald Bilkes
4.30pm - Dewi Higham (w)

7.30pm - Jonathan Stobbs

9.30am - Prayer Meeting
10.30am - Jonathan Stobbs
4.30pm - Alun Higham (w)

7.30pm - Vernon Higham

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» Pastor and People

malcolm watts (mw2014.jpg)

Watch Malcolm Watts preaching at Summer Conference 2014 on the subject of pastor and people. Other video recordings from Summer Conference are also available.

CONFERENCE 2013 & 2014

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Speakers for
Summer Conference ..

Summer Conference 2015
Gerald Bilkes (Michigan USA)
Malcolm Watts (Salisbury)
Jonathan Stobbs (Penzance)
John Saunders (Chichester)
Vernon Higham (Cardiff)

"Help Lord"

How we need the Lord to draw near and visit us in grace and power. These recent years have been distressing years in many ways. "Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth" may well be our cry. Yet we cannot but have great hope in our hearts if we know the Lord.

The Summer Conference is an opportunity to meet together and worship Him. There is much happiness in meeting together under the preaching of the Word. There are times when we are aware that the Spirit is upon the preached Word.

The Summer Conference is an opportunity to call upon His Name. There can be in the worship a desire that is like a prayer rising to Heaven. There are also opportunities to meet to pray in the newly established morning prayer meetings. 

Despite our sins and many faults, of which we repent, we pray the Lord will be pleased to own us and draw near. Above all, we wish Him to have all glory and for Jesus Christ to be exalted in our midst.

No religion
without sincerity ..

“no religion without sincerity” Matthew Henry

“The current may be flowing deep and strong in spite of ripples and counter currents on the surface.” JO Fraser

“He stands ready to help, waiting to give, determined to bless” James Smith

“God will save by means, without means, in opposition to means, and over and above means.” Daniel Rowlands

“He that seeks us before we sought Him, will He refuse us when we seek after Him?” Richard Sibbes

“What fitter day to ascend to heaven, than that on which He arose from earth, and fully triumphed over death and hell. Use your Sabbaths as steps to glory, till you have passed them all, and are there arrived.” Richard Baxter

bus routes
and cardiff taxis

Bus route 28 from city centre to Summer Conference. Buses every 30 minutes. Nearest bus stop to Tabernacle Cardiff is Shirley Road (between Mackintosh Place and Roath Park) More information on

Cardiff Taxis:
Premier Taxis 02920555555
Dragon Taxis 02920333333
Capital Cabs 02920777777

no conference booking
no conference fee

All are welcome to attend the Summer Conference. There is no need to book or register for the conference. You are welcome to come for one of the meetings or for all the meetings, as is convenient to you. There is no conference fee. The conference is free of charge. There will be a free will offering at the services.

parking during
conference week

The best place to park is on Ninian Road on the park side. There may also be places outside the chapel or in nearby streets. See location map.

suggestions on
where to stay

Information regarding accommodation in and around Cardiff is available on our accommodation page .

We would recommend Cambrian Point (university halls) as good value. We provide a transport service from Cambrian Point to the meetings at 10am and 7pm. A return journey is also provided after the meetings.

places of interest
to visit during the week

Cardiff Bay Directions

See our places to visit page for details and website links of attractions in and around Cardiff.

conference centre
facilities available

Tabernacle Cardiff - Pen-y-wain Road, Roath

The church holds approximately 600 people. The adjacent church hall building has two large hall areas and a number of smaller rooms. The church and hall will be open as a base for conference delegates throughout the day.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits will also be provided. You are also welcome to use the hall facilities for your packed lunches etc. There are nearby places to purchase food, including an excellent deli cafe across the road.

"Within these fifty years there have been five or six very great awakenings. I am persuaded, that unless we are favoured with frequent revivals, and a strong, powerful work of the Spirit of God, we shall, in a great degree, degenerate, and have only a 'name to live:' religion will soon lose its vigour; the ministry will hardly retain its lustre and glory; and iniquity will, of consequence, abound." Thomas Charles